Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Paris Actors

We have some great actors in Charlie Chan in Paris, our Monday Night Chat Room at, 8:00 to 10:00 PM (Eastern Time) and starting our tapes and DVDs at 8:30.
They cover the spectrum from Keye Luke (whose movie career included 122 movies over 55+ years) to Thomas Beck (who only made 28 movies--four Chans and one Moto movie).
Plus Lynn Bari, veteran of perhaps the most infamous movie of the series--City of Darkness. She is supposed to be one of the night club patrons in Le Singe bleu.
Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
Thomas Beck: Victor Descartes
Mary Brian: Yvette Lamartine
Erik Rhodes: Max Corday
Murray Kinnell: Henri Latouche
Minor Watson: Inspector Renard
John Miljan: Albert Dufresne
Henry Kolker: Paul Lamartine
Ruth Peterson: Renee Jacquard
Dorothy Appleby: Nardi
Paul McVey: Detective LaVerne
Perry Ivins: Bedell, Lamartine's Secretary
John Qualen: Concierge, Dufresne's Hotel
Lynn Bari: Night Club Patron, Le Singe Bleu
Harry Cording: Gendarme Arresting Yvette
Gino Corrado: Pierre, Waiter
Martin Faust: Airport Cabbie
Richard Kipling: Master of Ceremonies at Le Singe Bleu
Wilfred Lucas: Doorman at Le Singe Bleu
Rolfe Sedan: Bank Teller
August Tollaire: Concierge at Nardi's Hotel
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