Thursday, December 29, 2005

Treasure Island Bloopers

Talk about a treasury of bloopers!
We have them galore in Charlie Chan at Treasure Island, our Monday Night Chat Room Movie at, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Eastern Time) and we start our tapes/DVD's at 8:30.
We should start with one of the most interesting bad guys in Chandom, Dr. Zodiac.
The way the movie is set up, we're supposed to believe that he's the Turk (Trevor Bardette), who's in the Zodiac disguise later in the movie.
That won't work in the first scene when Charlie, Rhadini, and Peter Lewis go to Zodiac's house because the Turk doesn't have the time to let them in the house and then get into all that getup.
We now know that Zodiac is played by Gerald Mohr in that scene (and surely in the later one in the theatre since we hear his voice again).
We have no less an authority than Kay Linaker who played the spirit in the seance in the first scene.
Watch for when Charlie walks up to the Zodiac house by himself.
You'll see a black cat cross his path, possibly Puzzums who appeared as "Lucifer" in Charlie Chan's Secret!"
We also get to see a taxi driver who leaves his passengers but doesn't get his money--he just swipes at it!
Charlie, Lewis and Rhadini find Zodiac's vault in the house where all his blackmail information is kept.
Charlie starts a fire in there with only a few files from some of the file cabinets, walks out and closes the door.
Just how much does he expect all those files to burn up when he shuts off the oxygen supply by closing the door?!
And wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall when the fire insurance people show up?!
There is a major blooper in the levitation trick.
Everything is fine when Rhadini does it with Eve Cairo.
The next time Rhadini is showing how it's done with Jimmy on the table.
It should be obvious to everybody how it's done when Rhadini lifts the banner in front of the levitation table . . . Jimmy goes down a trap door as Eve Cairo's "stunt dummy" replaces him.
Another possible blooper is the slide that carries Jimmy from the levitation trick to the room below.
If it had a nail (or whatever) to tear a big hole in Jimmy's trousers, why didn't it ever tear a hole in Eve Cairo's evening dresses?
And finally . . .
Jimmy borrows one of Rhadini's jackets to cover the hole in his pants when he has to go onstage to make an announcement for Charlie.
Look at the shoulders on the jacket.
The one on the right side is perceptibly larger to accommodate all the props used in Rhadini's tricks.


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