Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tonopah Historic Mining Park, Part 1

Charlie Chan in Reno* spends part of it's time in Tonopah, Nevada, so shall we take a quick trip there before our Monday Night Chat Room at (8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Eastern Time)?
Go Underground at the Tonopah
Historic Mining Park!
The "Underground Adventure" is open!
[Tunnel entrance]
The Tonopah Historic Mining Park is located on the site of the original mining claims which started the rush to Tonopah, making it Queen of the Silver Camps. Belle and Jim Butler's strike in the year 1900 brought the United States into the 20th Century and many mining and processing techniques developed there are still in use today.
The park, encompasses portions of four of the major mining companies and covers over 100 acres. It preserves this rich history and brings it to life with equipment, exhibits, and a self-guided tour. The tour wanders through out the property. All buildings on the property are open for our visitors to enjoy and feel how it was to be working in a turn of the century mining environment. The grounds are constantly changing. New exhibits are being installed and restoration of existing buildings is continuing. All monetary donations go directly to further expanding our exhibit halls and walking tour. . . .
Go Underground at the Mining Park!
The underground tunnel restoration is now complete. It features a walk down a mine tunnel that intersects one of the original discovery stopes. Named the Burro Tunnel, the "Underground Adventure" is not for the faint of heart! At the end of the tunnel, visitors are able to step into a steel viewing cage and down the 500' deep stope. Newly completed projects include the restoration of the Mizpah Mine collar. Visitors can now walk across the top of the richest mine in the Tonopah District and look down the shaft, which is lit with a large spotlight. All the chain link and barbed wire has been removed to maximize our visitors experience. Our black light mineral display has just been greatly expanded and now features short-wave ultraviolet lights which enhance the colors of the display.
To be continued . . .


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