Friday, December 16, 2005

Sky Dragon Cast

The Sky Dragon is our Monday Night Chat Room Movie at, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Eastern Time) and we start our tapes/DVD's at 8:30.
It has a great cast of characters with three who went on to make names for themselves in television, Noel Neill (Superman), Elena Verdugo (Marcus Welby, M.D.) and Milburn Stone (Gunsmoke).
Not to mention that # 1 Son, Keye Luke, also had a hit series himself in Kung Fu as Master Po!
Not bad company!
(Villian, villian, Who's the Villain?!)
Roland Winters: Charlie Chan
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown
Noel Neill: Jane Marshall
Tim Ryan: Lt. Mike Ruark
Iris Adrian: Wanda LaFern
Elena Verdugo: Connie Jackson, alias Marie Burke
Milburn Stone: Tim Norton
Lyle Talbot: Andy Barrett
Paul Maxey: John Anderson
Joel Marston: Don Blake
John Eldridge: William E. French
Eddie Parks: Jonathan Tibbits
Louise Franklin: Lena Franklin (maid)
Lyle Latell: Ed Davidson
Steve Pendleton (As Gaylord Pendleton): Ben Edwards, Guard
Frank Cady: Clerk
Bob Curtis: Watkins
George Eldredge: Stacey
Suzette Harbin: Maid # 2
Edna Holland: Demanding old woman passenger
Charles Jordan: Stage Manager
Lee Phelps: Detective at airport gate
Emmett Vogan: Doctor
Joe Whitehead: Stage watchman


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