Thursday, December 01, 2005

Charlie Chan in Reno is set partly in a ghost town in--Surprise!--Nevada.
You might like to check out the internet before we watch our Monday Night Chat Movie at, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time!
You might go to where they have a plethora of information, including these factoids:
Saloons far outnumbered schools, churches, and businesses in many western ghost towns. It was common for a town with a population of 20,000 to have 50 saloons.
Upon the abandonment of many western towns, wooden buildings were dismantled and railroad tracks pulled up from the ground so that they could be reused during the establishment of new towns.
Water was more expensive than liquor in many western desert towns.
The most common reason that American communities have become ghost towns is they were either bypassed by transportation routes, their sources of income & water were exhausted, disasters occurred, their post offices closed, or they were not given county seat status.
"Ghost towning" is gaining in popularity as a hobby.
Ghost towns east of the Mississippi River seem to be more susceptible to hauntings and other paranormal phenomena than ghost towns located west of the Mississippi River.
Most American ghost towns are former mining towns or former logging towns.
Many western ghost towns had a Chinatown section.
Although there are hundreds of ghost towns east of the Mississippi River, most American Ghost towns are west of the Mississippi.
California has almost twice as many ghost towns than any other state.
California has almost twice as many ghost towns than any other state.
The 1849 California Gold Rush established San Francisco as the west's financial and cultural capital.
The 1859 Colorado Gold Rush created Denver, Colorado.
You can do a google search for "haunted ghost towns" but one that has the haunting of St. Elmo, "off Highway 285 in the heart of the Colorado Rockies," can be found at . . .
Another website that has quite a list of its own (including The Alamo!) is at
Just don't expect Sheriff "Tombstone" Fletcher to show up!


Blogger Marguerite Arotin said...

Ohh, cool tidbits on Ghost Towns, Virginia (I'm a friend of Chris's and figured I'd drop in to say hi ya :-).)
My hubby and I have actually driven through the area where Calico (a cool little restored ghost town up in the Sierras in CA) is a bunch of times. He used to live in Southern CA and has been to Calico. I never have but I love history and would love to go someday. We have family out that way so maybe the next time we go. Anyway, like I said I love American history so this post was right up my alley :-)

1/12/05 8:37 PM  

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