Thursday, November 03, 2005

Santa Anita Park, Part 2

Santa Anita Park is the site of the "Santa Juanita Race Track" at the end of Charlie Chan at the Race Track, our Monday Night Chat Room Movie at (8:00 PM to 10:00 P.M. [EST], we start our tapes/DVDs at 8:30).
I thought you might want to know that the record for total among bet in a single day at the park was $36,264,799 on November 6, 1993.
The Santa Anita Foundation has give $27, 200,000 to assorted charitable and benevolent organizations since opening day.
There have been some 120,000,00 people who have been to Santa Anita Park over the last 70+ years.
(Diagram of the 1 1/4 mile track at Santa Anita Park)
Bettors at the park have wagered a total of $43,595,744,634, or almost 43.6 BILLION dollars.
Does anyone have smelling salts because this may be more than I can handle!?!


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