Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Charlie Chan in Reno has quite a range of character actors, from Slim Summerville to Kane Richmond and Ricardo Cortez to Eddie Collins!
(An interesting lobby card that's possibly Czech;
courtesy of
Here's the cast of credits to see how many you can guess right before our Monday Night Chat at, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time:
Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Ricardo Cortez: Dr. Ainsley
Phyllis Brooks: Vivian Wells
Slim Summerville: Sheriff Tombstone Fletcher
Kane Richmond: Curtis Whitman
Victor Sen Yung (as Sen Yung): Jimmy Chan
Pauline Moore: Mary Whitman
Eddie Collins: The Gabby Cabbie
Kay Linaker: Mrs. Wayne Russell
Louise Henry: Jeanne Bentley
Robert Lowery: Wally Burke
Charles D. Brown: Chief of Police King
Iris Wong: Choy Wong
Morgan Conway: George Bentley
Hamilton MacFadden: Night Clerk
Arthur Rankin: the Bellhop
Fred Delsey: Reno Desk Sergeant
Virginia Sale: The Maid Who is Missing a Passkey
Stanley Blystone: Lineup Officer
Jimmy Aubrey: Lineup Wiseguy ("Me # 3 Son)
Brooks Benedict: Man in Line-Up
Heinie Conklin: Policeman
Bobby Hale: Undetermined Role
Chuck Hamilton: Policeman
Harry Hayden: Chemistry Professor
Dick Hogan: Jack, College Boy
Al Kikume: Honolulu Policeman
Barbara MacLain: College Girl
Hank Man: "Injured" Con Man/Casino Extra
Imboden Parish: Undetermined Role
Jack Perry: Rough Drunk
Edwin Stanley: Police Chemist
Blue Washington: Man in Line-Up


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