Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Charlie Chan in Reno has a few bloopers in it.
You might want to keep an eye out for them during our Monday Night Chat Room Viewing tonight at www.charliechan.info, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time.
Right at the beginning of the movie, Vivian Wells (Phyllis Brooks) comes out to great Mary Whitman (Pauline Moore)as she's signing the register.
You'll see Dr. Ainsley (Ricardo Cortez) pass by at least twice in the background.
When Mary Whitman and Vivian Wells are seated together at a table in the bar, and you can notice that Wells (Brooks) is smoking a cigarette. Pay close attention to the cigarette during this scene, as you will notice that it goes from just a little stub burnt down to the filter . . . to a full cigarette, etc. . . . etc. (Courtesy of Chad Bennett)
Vivian Wells is wearing a short-sleeved gown during this part of the movie.
How does Charlie know at the end of the movie that the jacket she has on in that scene isn't what she wore at the start of the movie?!
And we never do find out what happened to Jimmy's clothes or to his friend's car, do we?!


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