Friday, October 14, 2005

Here are some odds and ends to think about when we're watching Charlie Chan at the Opera for our Monday Night Chat Room at, at 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT) and starting our tapes and DVD's at 8:30.
Gravelle (Boris Karloff) was in a Chicago opera house fire on September 15, 1923. He was committed to the insane asylum in or near Los Angeles, CA, in 1929 (according to the movie).
This raises some questions:
What was he doing in the intervening years? Wondering? With or without his memory?
What about his then-wife, Lillie Rochelle? What was she doing when Gravelle was in the opera house fire? When did she divorce him? Was Mme. Rochelle even married to him since her second husband, Mr. Whitly, denied that she'd ever been married.
What does that do to Miss Kitty? Is that why we never hear what HER last name is?
Why did Phil Childers tell Chan that he and Kitty were in the police station about the time that Rochelle and Barelli were there? If they weren't, where had they been and doing what?
If Mr. Arnold was the property master, why would Charlie say that Arnold was "auditioning" a new baritone? Wasn't that the director's job? Where and who WAS the director?
How did Lilli Rochelle keep her braids looking so good?
[Note: My Mother, Becky Truesdale, said that the braids were probably (and carefully!) tacked together with needle and thread. Watch and decide for yourself and see if you can come up with a better explanation!]
Now a bonus question!
What did Mr. Arnold, the stage manager, have in
common with Charlie Chan?
They were both called Pop!


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