Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dead Men Tell is our Monday Night Chat Room Movie at, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT), we start our tapes/DVDs at 8:30.
The cast is loaded with old friends, starting with none other than Superman, himself, George Reeves as Bill Lydig on to Lee Tung Foo as the ship's cook/waiter and Tim Ryan in a bit part as the bartender!
Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Sheila Ryan: Kate Ransome
Victor Sen Yung: Jimmy Chan
Donald Douglas (as Don Douglas): Jed Thomasson
Kay Aldridge (as Katharine Aldridge): Laura Thursby
Paul McGrath: Charles Thursby, aks Mr. Parks
George Reeves: Bill Lydig
Truman Bradley: Captain Kane of the Suva Star
Etthel Geffries: Patience Nodbur
Lenita Lane: Dr. Anne Bonney
Milton Parsons: Gene La Farge
Stanely Andrews: Inspector Vessey
Ralph Dunn: Policeman with checklist
Lee Tung Foo: Ship's Cook/waiter
Oscar "Dutch" Hendrian: Saloon Dance Extra
Tim Ryan: Bartender


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