Thursday, October 20, 2005

Charlie Chan's Secret is my favorite Chan film, even with all the bloopers and "howcums"!
It's our Monday Night Chat Room Movie at, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT) and we start our tapes/DVD's at 8:30.
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Now on to our assorted mix-ups!
How did the killer[s] know when and how Allen Colby would be coming home so as to plot to kill Colby before he reached San Francisco?
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. . . [A]t the beginning of Charlie Chan's Secret, there are two divers underwater, but only one is brought up, or did I must miss the other one? (Courtesy of RANDLESEKTA)
When the diver brings up Allan Colby's briefcase, it's wet. It's dry in the close-up, as are the papers that Charlie looks over in the boat's cabin. The papers don't look like they've ever even BEEN wet!
The bridge being built in the scene where Charlie is headed for San Francisco by clipper is most likely the Oakland Bay Bridge. (Courtesy of Rush Glick)
How come Alan Colby didn't see the panel in the wall open so the murderer could toss the knife and kill him? And how easily could the killer toss the knife through that size of hole in the wall?
When Dick Williams meets Alice Lowell at Colby house, they end up in the seance room where he changes how he rests his arms on the back of a chair, depending on the camera shot used.
When is the short-wave radio set up at Colby House, not to mention the ultraviolet light? How could anyone know that they/he would be needing the light and in that position in that place?
How did Professor Bowen flick the hidden switch to turn on the "ghost music" sent from their apartment for the seance?
How did Allan Colby's body get in the hidden passage-way door during the first seance, how does he stay that way and conveniently fall down the stairs at the right time?
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Does Charlie bring a chemical analysis bag on each case? If he doesn't, then how does he know which ones to bring it on? (Courtesy of Becky Truesdale)
When Charlie comes back to Lowell House after discovering the rifle in the church bell tower, he moves the vase to the table for it to act as a target for the r rifle. Why was there water in it?
Watch the vase after Baxter puts the flowers in it. Freeze the frame when the bullet hits the vase. (Courtesy of Rush Glick)
Watch Baxter when the vase is hit. He is sprayed with water as he turns and jumps into the Inspector's arm. When the camera angle shifts, Baxter is completely dry.
Why wasn't Professor Bowen at least charged with accessory after the fact, if not conspiracy for murder? (Courtesy of Rush Glick)


Blogger Harry "broadcastellan" Heuser said...

I just watched Charlie Chan's Secret last night, and not for the first or second time either. I don't know, I often find it difficult to follow the storylines--but I enjoy the ride all the same. I missed Charlie's son(s) in this picture. Was the family photo Chan is showing around the same as in Eran Trece?

Anyway, I stopped by because Technorati told me you enjoy I Love a Mystery--and I'm planning to review it day by day on my blog.

21/10/05 3:49 AM  

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