Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Trillo and Suede in Boxford Park

I have fallen in love with a new movie detective team that takes us back to when the Charlie Chan movies were in their heyday!
We're talking about a movie that Monogram WISHES they could have made in England at the end of Roland Winters' run as our Chinese detective in 1949!
(Courtesy of
We're talking about Jonathan Geffner's "Boxford Park" that he stars in with his good friend, Suede, as "Trillo and Suede."
(Courtesy of
(Maybe it's the other way around.
It depends on who gets to you first!)
(Courtesy of
I'll let you read about the plot line yourself at
(Courtesy of
I've also fallen in love with some of the stills from the movie. . . . How can you not with a better-looking team with more talent than Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy?!
(Courtesy of
(Courtesy of
How did my picture get in--oops, sorry, that's Aunt Sarah!
(Courtesy of
And these folks are for the dummy-challenged among us!
. . .
You can down load "Boxford Park"--free!--at
For a promotional video about the whole project (plus outtakes, parents might want to check it first), you can download free at
Jonathan is trying to get "word-of-mouse" out about "Boxford Park" plus raise much needed capital to turn it into a full-length feature plus at least 12 episodes of our heroes.
Anybody who would be interested can contact Jonathan at:
Geffner Productions, Inc.


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