Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo is our next Monday Night Chat Room Movie at www.charliechan.info (8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. [EDT], we start our tapes/DVD's at 8:30).
One of the stars of our movie is Kay Linaker who plays Joan Karnoff, one of several of her roles in Chan films.
So, Kay, this is for you!
This still is courtesy of www.scarletstreet.com/imagesINTERVIEW/phillips2a.jpg where you can link to a multi-part interview with the name she has gone by for some time now, Kate Phillips.
The picture is from her first film, The Murder of Dr. Harrigan. One of the ironies (and unforuntately at that) is that Mignon Eberhart wrote the original novel, From What Dark Stairway, with Linaker's Sally Keating as the detective. Kay "was robbed" when the powers that be decided to make Ricardo Cortez's character (Doctor George Lambert) the detective.
Not to mention that Chad Bennett (one of Kay's former students) reports that Linaker had Mary Astor on the set as an ally to run herd on Cortez. He had a tendency to do things like upstaging his coworkers when he could get away with it!
(Courtesy of www.charliechan.info)
Kay Linaker did make a few Chan movies along the way to changing her name to Kate Phillips and writing
(Also courtesy of www.scarletstreet.com)
The Blob!
Kay eventually settled in Keene, New Hampshire, where she began teaching.
You can check out Keene State College at www.keene.edu.
Kay Linaker, we salute you for what continues to be a great career!


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