Monday, September 19, 2005

Boo-time Again?

I wish you had been with me when I posted over at Rush Glick's message board at!
I posted all the movies that we will watch next month, October, in his chat room!! Rush has all these neat smilies but I had such a kick clicking the Halloween-y ones!!!
Please remember that we will have our annual Virtual Halloween Party on October 31st this year and everyone is encouraged to come and sigh in (or sign in!) as a Chan Character. (This isn't a necessity, however! We won't send the Ghost Squad after you if you don't!)
I'll be posting the character list again of who has taken which character for those who still have their selections to make.
Also who is bringing what so you all put your thinking caps on while checking out our October Movies!
. . .
October 3: Charlie Chan at the Circus
. . .
October 10: Charlie Chan in The Scarlet Clue
. . .
October 17: Charlie Chan at the Opera
. . .
October 24: Charlie Chan's Secret
. . .
October 31: Dead Men Tell
. . .


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