Monday, August 22, 2005

We have a music day for our Monday Night Chat Room Movie, Charlie Chan in Rio, courtesy of Rush Glick's
notes at his website at
That's where we'll meet for the chat room tonight at
8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. (EDT)
Jacqueline Dalya as the singer, Lola Dean,
in a still from the movie with Ted North as Clarke Denton and Victor Jory as Alfredo Marana.
* * *
The first song is sung by Jacqueline Dalya as Lola Dean, singing at the Casino Carioca:
"They Met In Rio
(A Midnight Serenade)"
"This song of love begins the night they met in Rio,
In a cafe by the bay they romanced to a midnight serenade,
She told him to forget the night they met down in Rio,
And there were tears in her eyes as they danced to a midnight serenade.
He whispered, 'You must be mine forevermore,'
And then she showed him someone else's picture in the tiny little locket she wore.
And so he rode away but left his heart down in Rio,
All that remains of their love are the strains of a midnight serenade.
All That remains of their love are the strains of a midnight serenade."
The second song is Dalya's Lola Dean heard on a phonograph record in Alfredo Marana's hotel room:
"I, YI, YI, YI (Like You Very Much)"
"I, yi, yi, yi, I like you very much,
I, yi, yi, yi, I think you're grand;
Why, why, why is it that when I feel your touch,
My heart starts to beat, to beat the band?
I, yi, yi, yi, I like you to hold me tight.
You are too, too, too, too devine;
If you want to be in someone's arms tonight,
Just be sure the arms you're in are mine.
Oh, I like your lips
And I like your eyes;
Would you like my hips
To hipsnotize you?
Si, si, si, si, si, si, see the moon above,
Way, way way, way, way up in the blue;
Si, si, si, senor, I think I fall in love,
And when I fall, I think I fall for you.
I, yi, yi, yi,
Si, si, si, si,
I, yi, yi, yi,
Can see, see, see
That you're for me."
[Lyrics by Mack Gordon and
music by Harry Warren.]


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