Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Charlie Chan in Rio* has several interesting character actors: Mary Beth Hughes (Joan Reynolds) and Cobina Wright, Jr., (Grace Ellis) were so antagonistic off-screen that you can feel the tension between them in the movie.

This is one of five Chan movies that Kay Linaker (Helen Ashby) did, starting as the apparition in the seance scene of Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1936). She went on to Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo (1937), Charlie Chan in Reno (1939), Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise (1940), and Charlie Chan in Rio. She would go on to be co-author of The Blob, starring Steve McQueen, and a teacher at Keene College in New Hampshire.

Harold Huber (Chief Suoto) was in four Chan movies but one of them, Charlie Chan in the City of Darkness (1939), is one of the most talked about because of his portrayal of Marcel Spivak. The point of irritation for most viewers is the French accent that was dictated by the director. Ironically, Huber used foreign accents in his other Chan roles: Charlie Chan on Broadway--presuming that you consider NYC-speak to be "foreign"!; Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo (1937)--French, again; and Charlie Chan in Rio (1941)--Spanish.

Ted North (Clarke Denton) was married to Mary Beth Hughes (Joan Reynolds) from 1943 to 1947, divorcing after having one child together.

Both Mary Beth Hughes and Truman Bradley (Paul Wagner) went on to television careers. Hughes appeared in Red Skelton's show and Bradley in The Science Fiction Theatre.

Hamilton MacFadden (Bill Kellogg) was a special case in the annals of Charlie Chan movies. He started out as a director for Charlie Chan Carries On (1931); The Black Camel (1931), also playing the movie director; Charlie Chan's Greatest Case (1933); and Charlie Chan in Paris (1935), the first week's shooting only and uncredited at that. MacFadden not only played in Black Camel but Charlie Chan in Reno (1939) as the night clerk and as Bill Kellog in Reno (1941).
* * *
Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Mary Beth Hughes: Joan Reynolds
Cobina Wright, Jr.: Grace Ellis
Kay Linaker: Helen Ashby, aka Barbara Cardozo,
Victor Jory: Alfredo Marana, aka Alfredo Cardozo
Harold Huber: Chief Suoto
Victor Sen Young (as Sen Yung): Jimmy Chan
Richard Derr: Ken Reynolds
Jacqueline Dalya: Lola Dean
Ted North: Clarke Denton
Truman Bradley: Paul Wagner
Hamilton MacFadden: Bill Kellogg
Leslie Denison: Rice
Eugene Borden: Armand
Ann Codee: Margo
* * *
Our still from CC in Reno (courtesy of Rush Glick's website) has Hamilton MacFadden, Harold Huber, Truman Bradley, Sidney Toler, Cobina Wright,, Richard Derr, Mary Beth Hughes and Victor Sen Yung.
* * *
*CC in Rio is our Monday Night Chat Room Movie, from 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. (EDT), with the movie starting at 8:30.


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