Tuesday, July 05, 2005

This is Mata Moto, hoping that y'all had a great Fourth of July weekend and are ready to continue our Chan Quiz (courtesy of Kurt Schmidt at www.charliechan.net).
First we'll have the answers to yesterday's Part Two and then we'll mush on to Part Three! (Remember to keep your answers since I'll have the scoring system at the end of the week.)
^ ^ ^
Question # 5: Joan Valerie
Question # 6: "Murder Over New York"
Question # 7: Kay Linaker
Question # 8: "Charlie Chan in Rio"
^ ^ ^
Question # 9: Name the four "lost" Oland Chan films.
Question # 10: Of the Fox Chan films, four film titles didn't begin with "Charlie Chan . . . " or "Charlie Chan's . . . ." Name the four flicks.
Question # 11: Pictured above, a murderer, and four red herrings. What single Chan film are these folks the suspects in?
Question # 12: And which one of them turned out to be the murderer?
Question # 13: What happy news does Charlie receive at the film's end?


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