Monday, July 04, 2005

Mata Moto here wishing everybody a whiz bang good time today with lots of family, fireworks and food to go with it!
I hope y'all got a start yesterday with the first part of our Chan Quizz (courtesy of Kurt Schmidt at 'cause today y'all get to check your answers and on to Part Two.
You should keep your answers 'cause I'll have the scoring system at the end of the week with the last of the answers.
Good Luck!
Question # 1: It's the first line delivered by Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan in Honolulu.
Question # 2: It's the last line delivered by Warner Oland as Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo.
Question # 3: The Painted Veil.
Question # 4: Fu Manchu

Question # 5: In "Charlie Chan at the Wax Muesum," Lily Latimer (above) is played by what actress?
Question # 6: This attractive blonde appears in another Chan flick, in fact, the very next one in the series. Name the film.

The dark-haired cutie pictured above was in no less than four Chans.
Question # 7: Name the actress.
Question # 8: She turns out to be the the murderer in which Chan film?


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