Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Hello, again!
Mata Moto here with the answers to Part Three and on to Part Four of our quiz that Kurt Schmidt has let us borrow from his website at
How many have you gotten right so far?!
Remember to keep your answers so you can use the scoring system at the end of the week!
Part Three:
Question # 9: "Charlie Chan Carries On," "Charlie Chan's Chance," Charlie Chan's Greatest Case," and "Charlie Chan's Courage"

Question #10: "The Black Camel," "Murder Over New York," "Dead Men Tell," and "Castle in the Desert"

Question # 11: "Charlie Chan in Honolulu"

Question # 12: b--Robert Barrat

Question # 13: His daughter has given birth to grandson # 1!
^ ^ ^
Question # 14: Identify the film that this production still is taken from.
Question # 15: Why are Charlie and Lee in jail?
Question # 16: Which Chan movie had Charlie gambling that he could find out "whodunit?"
^ ^ ^
The folks pictured below were familiar faces to moviegoers of the 30s & 40s. Though they weren't household names, they seemed to turn up in a lot of the films of the era, including Chan films. Can you correctly match the five faces to five names?
Question # 17: Who is this actor?
Question # 18: Who is this actor?
Question # 19: Who is this actor?
Question # 20: Who is this actor?
Question # 21: Who is this actor?


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