Saturday, July 30, 2005

Happiness is finding bloopers!

And we have several in Castle in the Desert, our Monday Night Chat Movie (8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. [EDT], the movie starting at 8:30).

For starters, Charlie "borrows" a carrier pigeon that the government wants Jimmy to let loose during their trip. Question: What happens to the rest of them when Jimmy turns up in Mojave Wells?

And, heaven forbid, something happens to said bird?!

In this same scene in the hotel, Charlie gets a note slipped under his door. Question: Why would someone who probably gets lots of requests for his time suddenly decide to take one that's mysteriously given to him on a vacation with Jimmy? (Courtesy of Robert L. Hiza)

Charlie sits down at one point when talking to Mr. Manderley. Watch carefully to see if you can catch Sidney Toler beginning to cross his legs but doesn't quite make it. He continues the scene without a blink. (Courtesy of Bill Lutters)

How did Charlie know how to solve the mystery of Mrs. Manderley's unfinished bust?

Mr. Manderley has control of a $20,000,000 estate. Why does he only have one car? (Courtesy of Robert L. Hiza)

Since the castle doesn't have electricity, how do they get laundry done, how does the food get cooked, and what happens to the left-overs? (Courtesy of John Cucinotta)

(Courtesy of


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