Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Now . . . for our answers to our Charlie Chan Trivia quiz from www.mysterynet.com/charlie-chan/trivia/:
1. Which three of the following actors portrayed Charlie Chan in the movies?
0 Warner Oland
0 Sidney Toler
0 J. Carroll Naish
0 Roland Winters
0 Ho Chi Minh
0 Peter Lorre
[Oland, Toler and Winters all played Chan in the movies. Ironically, J. Carroll Naish played in Charlie Chan at the Circus and then went on to play Chan . . . on English television!]
2. How many children did Charlie Chan have?
0 Two
0 Six
0 Fourteen
0 Siamese Twins
[Duh! Fourteen]
3. What was the first Charlie Chan movie?
0 Charlie Chan Takes a Chance
0 Charlie Chan in Honolulu
0 Behind That Curtain
0 Charlie Chan Takes Two with Eggroll
[Technically, the first Chan movie was Behind That Curtain (even if he did have a VERY small role!) but our intrepid Chinese detective had already been on the big screen twice: In the 1926 serial House Without a Key, with George Kuwa as Chan; and in the 1927 serial The Chinese Parrot, with Kamiyama Sojin as Chan and (surprise!!) George Kuwa as Louis Wong.]
4. Which of these Charlie Chan movies was adapted from an Earl Derr Biggers novel?
0 Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise
0 The Black Camel
0 The Chinese Ring
0 Charlie Chan Does the Hula
[Their answer? The Black Camel but Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise was a remake of Charlie Chan Carries On. A side note is that The Chinese Ring is almost a word for word adaptation of Mr. Wong in Chinatown!]
5. Which other Asian detective followed in the movie tradition of Charlie Chan?
0 James Lee Wong
0 Judge Dee
0 Mr. Moto
0 Lo Fat
[This one is a real pip! Their answer was Mr. Moto but . . . Judge Dee was adapted from books written by a Caucasian as was Charlie Chan. Mr. Moto was their Japanese counterpart from J.P. Marquand's books. The James Lee Wong movies were based on the Collier Magazine serials by Hugh Wiley as The Saturday Even Post serialized the Chan movies.]

A publicity still from Thank You, Mr. Moto with Philip Ahn, courtesy of www.philipahn.com/tymm01.jpg.


Blogger Chris M. said...

I don't know about you, but some of those answers seemed really silly. How clueless do they think we or anyone else are?!


15/6/05 9:40 PM  

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