Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Who's Who in The Feathered Serpent
Our Monday Night Chat Room Movie,*
Charlie Chan in the Feathered Serpent,
has quite a cast going for it!
For starters, Keye Luke returns
after several years absence
as # 1 Son. His return is ironic
since he was several months older
than Roland Winters playing his "Pop"
in this series entry!
Also ironic are two of the supporting
players in this Chan movie, given
the political hysteria decades later
over the Chan films.
Nils Asther (Prof. Paul Evans) had
played the Chinese title role in the movie,
"The Bitter Tea of General Yen,"
during his heyday years before.
Jay Silverheels (Diego) would go on to his best
known role of Tonto to Clayton Moore's
Lone Ranger, a part seen by many just as
stereotyped as the later Asian-Americans
would these Charlie Chan films.
Now, on tho the complete cast of characters:
Roland Winters: Charlie Chan
Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
Victor Sen Yung: Tommy Chan
Robert Livingston: John Stanley
Beverly Jons: Joan Farnsworth
Martin Garralaga: Pedro Lopez
George J. Lewis: Captain Juan Gonzalez
Charles Stevens: Manuel (thug leader)
Nils Asther: Professor Paul Evans
Carol Forman: Sonia Cabot
Leslie Denison: Professor Henry Farnsworth
Erville Anderson: Professor Scott
Jay Silverheels: Diego (thug with knife)
Fred Cordova: Felipe (undercover agent)
Juan Duval: Dr. Castalare
Frank Leyva: Jose (undercover agent)
Milton Ross: Pete (a thug)
*See Rush Glick's


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