Tuesday, May 31, 2005

We have quite a page out of our Charlie Chan History (courtesy, as usual, of Rush Glick's www.charliechan.info!):
. . . . .
May 31, 1942--The final Charlie Chan Sunday newspaper comic strip is published , after a run of more than three and one-half years. [Rush publishes reprints of the strip at his website. One more reason to check it out!]
. . . . .
Late May, 1934--Fox Films completes production on "Charlie Chan's Courage."
. . . . .
Late May, 1941--Twentieth Century-Fox completes production on "Charlie Chan in Rio."
. . . . .
Late May, 1945--Monogram Pictures begins production on "The Shanghai Cobra." [This movie is our Monday Night Chat Movie at Rush's site, which will be on TUESDAYS FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE ONLY.
We'll meet at 8:00 to 10:00 (EDT) and start watching the movie together at 8:30.]


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