Friday, May 20, 2005

Our movie for our Monday Night Chat Room* is unique among all Chan films: If it doesn't break your eardrums from all the screams then you've got great hearing!
It's also known as one of the Chans that a lot of people love to hate, frequently rated at the bottom of them.
You could almost make a game of which of the actors is the most irritating!
So pop your corn and pour your drink and I'll post the list of contestant--er, cast of characters!
. . . . .
Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown
Victor Sen Yung (as Victor Sen Young): Jimmy Chan
Tanis Chandler: Adelaide Brandt
Larry J. Blake (as Larry Blake): Rick Daniels
Kirk Alyn: Sergeant Reynolds
Rita Quigley: Clementine
Anne Nagel: Marcia
Helen Gerald: Ruby
Howard Negley: Cole King, Impessario
Lois Austin: Mrs. Thorn
Barbara Jean Wong: San Toy
Minerva Urecal: Miss Weebles, the Housekeeper
Margaret Brayton: Madge Mudge
Bettie Best: Winifred
Jan Bryant: Lois
Walden Boyle: Doc Brandt
*Courtesy of Rush Glick's webwsite at


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