Saturday, May 14, 2005

Off the Chan Book Shelf:
Today we bring out the Charlie Chan Dictionary, compiled from Rush Glick's notes at his website,* for our Monday night chat,* Dead Men Tell:
AFT: At, in, toward, or close to the stern (rear) of a vessel.
(Charlie Chan: "Who occupies cabins 'aft'?")
BELAYING PIN: A short, removable wood or metal pin fitted in a hole in the rail of a boat and used for securing running gear.
(Gene LeFarge: I saw him trying to hit this you man with a 'belaying pin'.")
FO'C'S'LE (forecastle): The upper deck of a ship in front of the foremast.
(Charles Thursby: "The music seems to come from the 'fo'c's'le'")
LUBBER: (1) A clumsy person.
(2) An inexperienced sailor; a 'Landlubber'."
(Jed Thomasson: "I'm an awful 'lubber'.")
NUMISMATICIAN (numatist): A specialist in or a collector of coins and medals.
(Charlie Chan [referring to Jed Thomasson]: "'Numismatitian'?")
OCARINA: A small, simple wind instrument shaped like a sweet potato and usually made of terra cotta, with finger holes and a mouthpiece.
(Charlie Chan: "Have also heard music. Same comes from an 'ocorina', favorite instrument of ancient pirates.")
REAL McCOY (informal usage): Authenticity.
(Bill Lydig: "Is it the 'real McCoy'?")
*See Rush's website at


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