Sunday, May 08, 2005

A Mantan Moment . . .
. . .
You might pay attention
to the way Mantan Moreland
talks as you watch
"The Feathered Serpent,"
our Monday Night Chat Room
. . .
I wondered why he said
Tommy's name like it was
pronounced "Tawmmy."
Mother reminded me of
my Godmother, Eldria Lea
Coleman, who was born
outside of New Orleans,
Eldria Lea pronounced
it as "Tawmmy," too.
. . .
Thanks to double-checking
by Rush Glick,*
it turns out that Mantan
was from Monroe, LA.,
hence "Tawmmy,
Tawmmy . . . !"
. . . .
*Happy Mother's Day to both
Mrs. Glicks--Rush's venerable
Mother and his Wife!
I hope all you incredible
ladies have many more!


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