Sunday, May 29, 2005

It's a New York kind of cast for our Monday Night Chat Room!*
A Murder Over New York kind of cast, that is!
Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Marjorie Weaver: Patricia Shaw
Robert Lowery: David Elliot
RIcardo Cortez: George Kirby
Donald MacBride: Inspector Vance
Melville Cooper: Herbert Fenton
Joan Valerie: June Preston
Kane Richmond: Ralph Percy
Victor Sen Yung (as Sen Yung): Jimmy Chan
Leyland Hodgson: Boggs
Clarence Muse: Second Butler
John Sutton: Richard Jeffrey
Frederick Worlock: Hugh Drake
Lal Chand Mehra: Ramullah
Frank Coghlan, Jr.: Gilroy
Shemp Howard: Shorty McCoy (aka The Canarsie Kid)
Lee Phelps: Cop
Trevor Bardette: Hindu Businessman
Stanley Blystone: FIngerprint Expert
Eddy Chandler: Cop
Catherine Craig: Stewardess
Alan Davis: Pilot
Dorothy Dearing: Mrs. Percy
Jimmie Dundee: Cop
Rallph Dunn: Cop
Frnk Fanning: Cop
Carl Faulkner: Cop
Bud Geary: Mechanic # 2
Paul Kruger: Guard
Jack "Tiny" Lipson: In Police Lineup, Next to Shemp Howard
. . . . .
*See Rush Glick's


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