Saturday, May 21, 2005

Blooper Traps!! . . .
. . .
Our Charlie Chan movie for our Monday Night Chat Room* is The Trap and does it have traps for the unsuspecting if you're not careful!!
For starters: When King Cole (I wonder where they got the idea for THAT name!) and his troupe arrive at the Malibu house, they start piling out of the station wagon. . . . And piling out. . . . And piling out. There were enough people in that wagon to fill up an extravaganza.
Plus the house is architecturally a mess. A room that faces the front is across the hall from a room with a window facing the back--at a 90 degree angle from the opposite room.
The girls make a hash of trying to call Jimmy but Birmingham only jots down the briefest address on the pad. So how does Jimmy decipher the entire address and where it's located?!
When it's revealed that the doctor is married to one of the showgirls (who's supposed to be French), she gets emotional and hugs the doctor, losing her French accent and says "What's the difference?" where she SHOULD have said, "What's za dif-far-ANCE!". (Courtesy of Norm Vogel)
One of the beach scenes has the beach ball tossed one way and it's seen going in another direction in the next shot. (Courtesy of Doug Palmer)
Charlie not only doesn't seem to care that the villain steals his car but wrecks it as well at the end of the movie. (Courtesy of Doug Palmer)
. . . . . .
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