Thursday, April 21, 2005

Who's Who

Today we have the actor's credits for Eran Trece, our Monday Night Movie in Rush's Chat Room,* since I like being able to see who is playing whom and maybe you do, too.

Manuel Arbo: Charlie Chan
Rafaell Luis Calvo: Inspector Duff
Ana Maria Custodio: Elen Potter
Juaj Torea: Dick Kennaway
Julio Vilarreal: Dr. Lofton
Raul Roulien: Max Minchin
Blanca de Castejon: Peggy Minchin
Carmen Rodriguez: Senora Rockwel
Antonio Vidal: Paul Nielson
Jose Nieto: Senor Kin
Ralph Navarro: Inspector Gardner
Lia Tora: Sybil Conway
Carlos Diaz de Mendoza: Walter Decker
Miguel Ligero
Amelia Santee



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