Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Two-fer from Our Library Shelf

We have two books off our library shelf today.

One is "Charlie Chan Carries On" by Earl Derr Biggers.

The first version of the book (and using the same title) to be filmed was, of course, a "lost" film starring Warner Oland 1931.

The second version made in Spanish was "Eran Trece," and is available through the "links" section of Rush Glick's website,, as well as the featured movie for Rush's Monday Night Chat room. (And, yes, it is available in DVD with subtitles!) It was made the same year but a few months later with Manuel Arbo.

"Charlie Chan Carries On" was made once more as "Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise" with Sidney Toler in 1940.

The other book off our library shelf is "Dracula." I know your first thought is the Bela Lugosi version but the book was also made into a Spanish version using the same sets.

The tie-in is that Manuel Arbo who played our Charlie Chan played the role of Martin in the Spanish "Dracula"!

Interesting, isn't it?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

enjoy the annex you are a wealth of chan knowlage. I'm sure it takes alot of work. Thank you so much.


20/4/05 10:34 AM  

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