Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Treasury of Island Bloopers

Today is blooper day for Charlie Chan at Treasure Island, our Monday Night Chat Room Movie.*

[Spoiler Alert]

I know I covered this the other day but bear with me! One thing that makes at least MY blooper list: The famous seance scene. You watch it and you'll realize that the servant, the Turk who is revealed as Zodiac at the end, doesn't have time to get them into the seance room, get into costume and show up as Zodiac. So the actor known as Gerald Mohr appeared as Doctor Zodiac in both the seance scene and during Rhadini's magic act.

On to other bloopers:

Watch when Charlie walks up to the Zodiac house by himself. A black cat crosses path! Okay, it's not a blooper but still something to watch for!

The taxi driver who won't stick around grabs at the money offered him but it slips out of his hand as he drives off.

When Charlie and the others find Zodiac's vault of blackmail-filled cabinets, he starts a fire with a few of the files. He leaves the other drawers closed as he shuts the vault door. Shutting the door limits the oxygen in the vault and therefore the fire. Doesn't that mean that Zodiac could come back and save at least part of them?!

There is a major blooper between when Eve Cairo does the levitation trick and when Jimmy Chan does it. A careful watching of both scenes shows how differently they were done.

The jacket that Jimmy wears onstage to make the announcement for his father has one exaggerated shoulder and side to hold all of Rhadini's tricks inside!

So good blooping!



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