Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Treasure of Chan Actors

The movie we'll be watching next Monday night in Rush Glick's Chat Room (www.charliechan.info) will be Charlie Chan at Treasure Island, one of the most popular AND spookiest of the Chan films!

But you can't tell the actors without a program so . . .

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Victor Young: Jimmy Chan
Cesar Romero: Fred Rhadini
Douglas Fowley: Peter Lewis
Pauline Moore: Eve Cairo
Donald MacBride: Deputy Police Chief J.J. Kilvaine
Wally Vernon: Elmer Kelner
Douglas Dumbrille: Stewart Salsbury, alias Thomas Gregory
Sally Blane: Stella Essex
Charles Halton: Uncle Redley
Billie Seward: Mrs. Bessie Sibley
June Gale: Myra Rhadini
Trevor Bardette: Abdul, the Turkish Servant
Louis Jean Heydt: Paul Essex, alias Paul Ellison
Fred Kelsey: Lead Detective, with bushy eyebrows in cab and at theatre
John Elliot: Doctor, backstage
Gerald Mohr: Doctor Zodiac (in seance scene)
Kay Linaker: Seance Apparition


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