Thursday, April 14, 2005

Doctor Zodiac!

Don't you love the name? . . . Doctor Zodiac!

I was lucky enough to get a little insight to a major character in Charlie Chan at Treasure Island, our Monday Night Chat Room Movie ( from none other than Kay Linaker!

I had sent her a birthday card with a note inside telling her how much I had enjoyed all the Chan movies she had been in. I happened to mention Treasure Island specifically because of the seance scene in which she appeared as the spirit. I had long thought that the actor playing the good Doctor in that scene was actually Gerald Mohr, since I knew his voice and could tell that it was his face, even with the mask and make-up.

I never expected her to answer but answer Kay did and told me that, yes, that was Gerald Mohr as Doctor Zodiac in that scene, that she had done a radio show with him.

If you listen carefully, you'll catch him as the Doctor again when Doctor Zodiac arrives at the theatre while Rhadini is doing his magic act.

You can see a reproduction of Kay's letter at


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