Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Charlie Chan in Shanghai (our Monday Night
Chat Room Movie*) starts off with Charlie
Chan surrounded by children. This scene
alone endears this Chan to many of us.
It was certainly one of my late
Mother's favorite scenes.

I am including the song Charlie sings
to the children once again in her honor:


Long the journey, hard the way,
But his heart was gay,
For, was he not a Prince both strong and brave,
Vowed a princess fair to save?

And he slew the dreadful dragon,
Even cut off his seven heads;
And in his cave he found the Princess
Bound to her lowly bed.

Then came they both back to the land
Of the mighty Emperor Fu Manchu,
To claim his reward, the dainty hand
Of lovely Ming Lo Fu.

*Rush Glick's


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