Thursday, March 03, 2005

Blooping to the Opera Plus Extras

We owe our first blooper to Rush Glick, who's wonderful website at is where we gather Monday nights for our chats at 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. EST:

The newspaper that Gravelle sees at the asylum does a magic act when he reads the headline about Madame Lilli Rochelle. It uses the number 7 printed in letters when he reads it. It's uses the number 7 printed out in letters in the headline seen in the police station.

Later, Lee is dressed as one of the soldiers while he's prowling around for his father. He sees a trap door open just a bet and then closes it. Lee pulls up the door and faces away from the wall as he goes down the hidden staircase.

The next shot is from below the stage as Lee is seen climbing down a ladder with his right shoulder towards the wall--He is now 90 degrees from the last camer shot.

Something else that's been bugging me . . . Gravelle was in the Chicago Opera House fire on September 15,1923. Ennrico and Anita not only remember him but the fire as well. Where was Mr. Whitely in the intervening years that he didn't know his wife, Lilli Rochelle, was not only married but had a daughter? Or wasn't Rochelle well enough for Whitley to have heard about her first husband?

And talking about a lapse of time . . . What was Gravelle (Boris Karloff) doing between the Chicago fire in 1923 and being committed to an insane asylum in Los Angeles in 1929? Mme. Rochelle was in L.A. in 927 and could possibly have heard of his being committed to the asylum.

And who committed Gravelle to the asylum?

What was Mlle. Kitty's last name--Gravelle or Rochelle? Perhaps it was Gravelle since Rochelle would have alerted everybody to the fact that Lilli had a daughter.

Plus our very own Chan Urban Legend! (Or at least one!)

Where is Benson Fong in this movie? Hint: We're fairly sure he's an extra!

I'll probably be back with more little tidbits before Monday night!


Blogger Chris M. said...

If memory serves correct and I'm sure Rush will agree with me on this. Benson Fong is third boy from the left as they scan down the row of soldiers. He's quite a bit younger of course but I'm sure that's him.


3/3/05 8:43 AM  

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