Saturday, February 12, 2005

What Charlie Chan Is All About

I must thank Aardvark All for his recent posting to remind me that I should periodically post what this blog is all about.

I want to help "spread the word" about the Chinese detective, Charlie Chan and do it in conjugation with other Chan sites.

One is Rush Glick's website at Rush's site has a wealth of material that he has kindly let me use for much of my source material.

Each week I try to provide material that is informative and as often humorous as I can make it about the Chan movie that Rush has selected for that Monday's Chat Room at These chats start at 8:00 to 10:00 P.M. EST.

We also start "synchronized viewing" at 8:30 P.M. . . . . That is that we all start our copies of that week's Chan movie at the same time, either by vcr or DVD players, the better to discuss the movie.

Those who don't have that week's movie are also very welcome since everybody usually ends up adding something to the conversation which covers a wide range of topics beyond the movie we're watching!

Another excellent Chan website is Kurt Schmidt's at He has a most active message board!

Last but not least is Charlie Chan Annex's brother blog at and run by Chris Menzter. Chris also gears his blog to each Monday's movies but his is worth checking out as much as mine!!

We try to rotate the Chan movies so we have something for everyone each month. The week before February 21 will be leading up to Charlie Chan at the Olympics and Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise the next week.
The week after that will be Charlie Chan at the Opera!

So I hope you'll be checking back to see what's new and coming up!

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Thanks for the nod!


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