Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Shadows Over Chinatown Bloopers

Shadows Over Chinatown has a certain film noir feel to it . . . but it still has bloopers!!

One may not be a blooper. . . . The bus station scene where Jack Tilford shows up in civilian clothes is wrong. My mother who was married to an Army Air Corps pilot (as well as other relatives who were in the various services at the time) knew everyone in the military at the time was expected to be wearing their uniforms all the time.

You simply didn't appear in "civvies" unless it was an exceptional situation.

Another blooper is courtesy of Mr. Evan Thompson:
Charlie meets an old lady on the bus whose granddaughter is missing. Neither of them think of her giving him a photograph of her and the missing persons bureau's picture of the girl is missing.

Charlie and Jimmy go to a cafe where the granddaughter is working and he pulls out what looks like a professionally done portrait of the girl. Where did it come from?


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