Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Shadows Over Chinatown Actors

Here we are back with the actors who played in this week's movie, Shadows Over Chinatown!

Sidney Toler: Charlie Chan
Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown
Victor Sen Yung: Jimmy Chan
Tanis Chandler: Mary Conover, alias Mary McCoy
John Gallaudet: Craig Winfield, alias Craig Winfield
Paul Bryar: Mike Rogan
Bruce Kellogg: Jack Tilford, aka John Thomson
Al Bridge: Captain Allen
Mary Gordon: Mrs. Conover
Dorothy Granger: Joan Mercer
Jack Norton: Cosgrove
George Eldredge: Chief Lannigan
Tyra Vaughn: Miss Chalmers
Lyle Latell: Police Clerk
Mira McKinney: Kate Johnson
Gladys Blake: Myrtle
Jack Mower: Hobart
John Hamilton: San Francisco-bound lawyer
Harry Depp: Dr. Denby
Charles Jordan: Jenkins
Kit Carson: Hotel Clerk
George Chan: Chinese American
Jim Dugan: Police Driver
Louise Franklin: Maid
Doris Fulton: Angie
James B. Leong: Chinese American
Frank Mayo: Police Lieutenant


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