Sunday, February 20, 2005

Olympic Entries into the Chan Dictionary

We have some more entries for the Chan Dictionary from Charlie Chan at the Olympics that we'll be discussing in our Monday night chat room at from 8 to 10 P.M. EST.

So here goes:

AIRSHIPS*: Anything powered, that can be controlled horizontally by a pilot and has a rigid internal framework. As opposed to balloons that aren't, can't be, and don't.


BLIMP: A generic term for airships like the Zeppelin used in Charlie Chan at the Olympics and are the only airships in use today.

DIRIGIBLE*: One of the many aviation terms that came from the French (also, aviation, aileron, hanger, and so on). Dirigible translates into "steerable"--horizonally and could cover everything from tricycles to nuclear submarines.

FILIBUSTER: An adventurer who engages in a private military action in a foreign country.

TAPA--a fibrous material; an ancient Hawaiian Art form.

ZEPPELIN*: A trademarked type of rigid airship that were perfected by Ferdinand Adolf August Heinrich Graf von Zeppelin early in the twentieth century and the name that became predominant in the field. (There was another firm of rigid airships used during World War I made by Luftschiff Schutte-Lanz G.m.b.F., using laminated plywood framework instead of the Zeppelins' aluminum alloy.



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