Sunday, February 13, 2005

A New Department at Charlie Chan Annex

Hi, I'm Etta, your new etiquette correspondent!

I'll be popping in when I can put a different light on the Chan movies!

Now, don't go "yuck" and leave!!

One of the ladies I'll be bringing you is the deliciously wicked humor of Miss Manners (aka Judith Martin).

One of her readers asked "What is the proper way to walk in high-heeled shoes?"

Miss Manners' response? "Left, right, left, right, left."

When is a vase a vahse? "When you put 'dahsies' in it."

Now, take bus trips and moving around on them like we have in Shadows Over Chinatown.

On to behaving yourself . . . and others! . . . on bus trips:

"There I'll be, sitting in a bus, maybe reading the paper, maybe just staring ahead, but not making any trouble for anyone, and some woman will hit me in the head with her shoulder bag. These shoulder bags are a menace. They just swing right along, banging innocent people. What can I do to put such a woman in her place?
"No doubt you would consider putting her in your place, or what used to be known as giving a lady a seat, too drastic a measure. Miss Manners presumes that the swinging bag was not intended as a weapon, but that its owner is simply not aware of what is happening. To call it to her attention, you might offer courteously to hold her purse for her. That should send her scurrying to the other end of the bus, clutching it tightly."

Judith Martin, "Miss Manners(R) Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behaviour," 1979, Warner Books, New York, New York, page 115.


Anonymous Rush Glick said...

Happy Valentine's Day...

I wonder what Miss Manners would have to say about a pickpocket on a bus?

14/2/05 4:52 PM  

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