Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Lone Blooper . . . Cruising for Murder

We have just one blooper this week for Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise, our Monday night chat room movie, courtesy of Ken D: . . . [a]fter Inspector Duff is murdered, Charlie, Jimmy and Willy (Chan) are shown driving back to the hotel. The beggar approaches Charlie . . . notice Charlie is NOT wearing his ring. . . .the camera angle changes. . . he is now wearing his ring.

Murder Cruise Trivia . . . Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise also went by the working titles of Charlie Chan's Cruise, Charlie Chan's Oriental Cruise, and Chans Murder.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just enjoyed a visit here once again, Virginia. Some really great pics!! TYSM--Bill Lutters (Daytona Beach, Fl.)

25/2/05 8:31 AM  

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