Friday, February 18, 2005

Etta Kit's Back and in Olympic Form!

Yes, it's me again. Etta Kit, your Chan courtesy consultant here to help you navigate through the high heavens . . . sorry, that was my laundry . . .through the blue skies!

Today is another Miss Manners day.

Okay, so the airplane that we'll be discussing in Monday night's chat at was used for experimental purposes. Jeez, don't you guys trust little ole Etta more than that?!

They have a ZEPPELIN, kiddies, and Charlie is traveling in it to meet # 1 son, Lee, in German. Or at least part of the way is by zeppelin.

So we want to be prepared to behave well and not embarrass Charlie. Right?

What's a good, fairly inexpensive going away present for someone flying to Europe for the first time? I've looked at travel cases and electricity converters, but I'm not sure what he has, and I know he's planning to travel very light, so I don't want to add stuff that he won't take with him.
A bottle of wine and disposable cups. The same airline workers who can serve drinks, magazines, and dinner with seconds on coffee in a forty-nine-minute domestic flight take two hours to get organized enough on transatlantic flights to get anyone a drink, let alone dinner. During this period, your friend can make himself instantly popular by offering wine to his seat mates. If the flight is delayed, he can drink it all himself in the airport and not mind so much. In either case, he will be traveling light.

Is it proper to remove one's shoes in an airplane?
Yes, but it is highly improper not to be able to get them on again when one has arrived at one's destination.

("Miss Manners'[R] Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior;" Warners Books Edition, 1982, New York; page 667.)


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