Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Charlie Chan Library

We are once again turning to our book shelves to pull out the fifth Chan novel by Earl Derr Biggers . . . Charlie Chan Carries On! It's a cruise that circles the globe, shrouded in mystery . . . and death.

This entry into the Chan mystery movies was made three times. The first one was in 1930 by Fox Movies with Warner Oland as the Chinese detective. This was one of four early Chans with Oland that eventually became lost.

The second Chan movie made from "Charlie Chan Carries On" was "Eran Trece," the Spanish language version made several months later but using the same sets and stock footage of the Oland movie.

We finally come to the third version known to Chan lovers everywhere . . . Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise with Sidney Toler as Chan is a rather atmospheric version of the novel by Derr Biggers.

A great scene with Cora Witherspoon as Suzie Watson and Sidney Toler as Chan coming to terms with The Clutching Hand . . . er, sorry that's Victor Sen Yung trying to get a hand out as Jimmy Chan!


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