Friday, February 04, 2005

The Chan Cast in London

We have the cast for Charlie Chan in London today . . . a sterling group all the way around!

You will notice an absence. Charlie Chan doesn't have any family members to help him this time around.

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Drue Leyton: Pamela Gray
Ray Milland (as Raymond Milland): Neil Howard
Mona Barrie: Lady Mary Bristol
Douglas Walton: Paul Gray
Alan Mowbray: Paul Frank, alias Geoffrey Richmond
George Barraud: Jerry Jardine
Paul England: Bunny Fothergill
Madge Bellamy: Becky Fothergill
Walter Johnson: Jerry Jardine
Murray Kinnell: Captain Seton (alias, Phillips, the Butler)
E.E. Clive: Detective Sergeant Thacker
Elsa Buchanan: Alice Perkins (maid)
Reginald Sheffield: Flight Comander King
Perry Ivins: Assistant Home Secretary Kemp
John Rogers: Lake (chief groom)
Helena Grant: Miss Judson (Kemp's Secretary)
C. Montague Shaw: Doctor
Phyllis Coughlan: Nurse
David Torrance: Home Secretary Sir Lionel Bashford
Claude King: Royal Air Force Aerodome Commander
Margaret Main: Housemaid
Doris Stone: Manor Guest
Arthur Clayton: Warden
Ann Doran: Stand-in


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job! we can now post anonomously, said Chris Mentzer. I mean...Mr. X, I mean...oh shoot!

4/2/05 8:06 PM  

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