Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Answers for Olympic Class Bonus Questions

Ready for the answers? Here goes:

What bad habit does Lee carry over from CC at the Opera to Olympics and Broadway?

Lee is a thief! In Opera, Lee picks pockets on behalf of his father. "Pop" needs fingerprints to compare with those he found on the florist's card left behind in Mme. Bareli's dressing room so Lee goes on a filching spree lifting several cigarette cases.
Lee also liberates a telegram from Arthur Hughes; pocket after Hughes had "borrowed" it from Yvonne Roland's book.
We find out in CC on Broadway that Lee has "adopted" several towels from the hotels where he has stayed.

What do Olympics, Monte Carlo and City in Darkness have in common?

A set: It's used for the spies' headquarters in Olympics, the climax in Monte Carlo, and the murder room in City in Darkness.

What do London, Olympics and Murder Over New York have in common?

Airplane inventions.

What do Black Camel, Olympics and Shanghai Cobra have in common for Charlie Chan?

He is know to drive his car. We don't actually see him drive in Shanghai Cobra but we do see him get a ticket for "No U-Turn!"

Did you get them all right?


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