Friday, January 28, 2005

Some Shanghai Chest Notes

Here are some notes that I have taken while watching The Shanghai Chest.

You may want to keep them in mind while watching yourself:

The alternate title for this movie was Murder by Alphabet.

Tommy Chan and Birmingham Brown had been to the movies and that that night had seen The Hatchet in the Head.

Why did Birmingham go first into District Attorney Bronson's house?
Because Tommy said that Birmingham would be harder to see in the dark.

What does Charlie say when Tommy and Birmingham beg him to get them out of jail?
He reminds them that a night in the Bastille (an infamous French jail) might be good for them--except for the rats.

When Chan is asked for help, Lt. Mike Ruark makes the crack, "Chinese Puzzle! Chinese Detective!"

What and where is the Shanghai Chest?
Near as anybody can make out is that it's in Pindello's apartment.


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