Thursday, January 06, 2005

Our Chan Veterans in Castle in the Desert

Our Chan veterans in Charlie Chan in Egypt include some classic actors like Douglas Dumbrille as Mr. Manderley. He married the daughter of his friend, Alan Mowbray when Dumbrille was 70 and Patricia Mowbray was a tender 28 years old.

Castle also has a trio of actors that pop up again together in Dead Men Tell: Lenita Lane, Ethel Griffies and Milton Parsons!

One actor, George Chandler, made a memorable place for himself in The Shanghai Cobra as Joe, the Cafe owner, who made the beef stew that no one wanted! He was also the President of the Screen Actors' Guild from 1960-1963.

And here they are:

Ship's Radio Operator in Charlie Chan at the Olympics
Bus Driver in Castle in the Desert
Hotel Doorman in The Chinese Cat
Joe, Coffee Shop Owner in The Shanghai Cobra

DERR, Richard
Ken Reynolds in Charlie Chan in Rio
Carl Dethridge in Castle in the Desert

Stewart Salsbury/Thomas Gregory in Charlie Chan in Treasure Island
B. Petroff in City in Darkness
Paul Manderley in Castle in the Desert

Miss Patricia Nodbury in Dead Men Tell
Lily, Madame Saturnia in Castle in the Desert

LANE, Lenita
Dr. Laura Bonney in Dead Men Tell
Lucrezia "Lucy" Manderley in Castle in the Desert

Gene La Farge in Dead Men Tell
Arthur Fletcher in Castle in the Dessert


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