Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Cast of The Shanghai Chest

We have a Chan movie from Monogram Pictures this week with Roland Winters and a cast of great character actors, as always!

Roland Winters: Charlie Chan
Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown
Tim Ryan: Lieutenant MIke Ruark
Victor Sen Yung: Tommy Chan
Deannie Best: Phillis Powers
Tristram Coffin: Ed Seward
John Alvin: Victor Armstrong (as Vic)
Russell Hicks: District Attorney Bronson
PIerre Watkin: Judge Wesley Armstrong
Philip Van Zandt: Tony Pindello
Milton Parsons: Mr. Grail, Undertaker
Olaf Hytten: Mr. Grail, Undertaker
Erville Anderson: Walter Somerville
George Elddredge: Pat Finley
Lois Ausstin: Landlady
Willie Best: Himself
Chabing: Miss Lee, Receptionist
Edward Coke: Thomas Cartwright
Louis Mason: Custodian
William Ruhl: Jailer
Paul Scardon: Cemetery Custodian
John Shay: Doctor Stacey
Charles Sullivan: Officer Murphy


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