Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Answers to Egypt's Bonus Questions

Happy 2005!

Did you guess right?

1. Chance, Egypt and Murder Over New York all used glass containers of poison gas.

2. Rita Cansino took the advice of her first husband, Edward Judson, and had electrolysis to raise and broaden her hairline, died her hair to her trademark red and took her mother's maiden name of Haworth/Hayworth. (There is some disagreement of the spelling.)

I recommend the Hayworth biography of "If This Was Happiness," by Barbara Leaming. The hardback came out in 1989 and the paperback in 1990.

George Masters, the master hair-stylist, wrote in his memoirs that Hayworth had the most graceful hands in Hollywood, a result of all the years of using castanets while learning to dance with her father, Eduardo Cansino, and later as his partner.


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