Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Who's Who in Charlie Chan in Egypt

Charlie Chan in Egypt is an excellent Chan movie that gets downright spooky in places. Fortunately, the actors in the movie are up to the task!

It's also one of the few that Charlie solves "alone," without any member of his family (# 1, # 2, etc.) present to help him.

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan

Pat Paterson: Carol Arnold

Thomas Beck: Tom Evans

Rita Hayworth (as Rita Cansino): Nayda

Jameson Thomas: Dr. Anton Racine

Frank Conroy: Professor John Thurston

NIgel De Bruler: Edfu Ahmad, Servant (not credited)

Paul Porcasi: Inspector Foad Soueida (not credited)

Arthur Stone: Dragonam (not credited)

Stepin Fetchit: Snowshoes (not credited)

James Eagles: Barry Arnold, Carol's Brother (not credited)

Frank Reicher: Dragoman (Not credited)

George Irving: Professor Arnold (not credited)

Anita Brown: Snowshoes' Friend (not credited)

John Davidson: Chemist Daoud Atrash (not credited)

John George: Ali, head digger who dies (not credited)

Gloria Roy: Bit Girl (not credited)


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